Spring Probe Pin

We design and produce various types of the spring probe pins including the double and single ended in accordance with customer's test condition and intention. We have the capability to customize your unique need and requirement for the test sockets, such as the fine pitch, extra-multiple pins, RF test and so on.

Standard probe pin

Test Socket
Our test sockets meet the customers' needs. A manual hand cramp socket has the primary features as below:
  1. The low load durig inserting pins into a package.
  2. Efficient heat releasing by a heat sink.
We strictly select the materials to design a socket based on our experienced and reliable test data. We provide the excellent quality products for customer's mass-production test process.

Standard socket

Customized socket
Mechanical Parts
Produce mechanical parts for medical equipments, elctronical equipments, AV equipments and electric appliances according to customer's request.

Mechanical parts

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